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Year 8 resources

  • Unit 1 Year 8 God's unconditional love »

    People around the world share what God's unconditional love means to them. This PowerPoint, which includes quiet music, will help with pupils' reflection at the end of People of God Year 8 Unit 1.

Unit 2

  • Unit 2 Year 8 Mandela story »

    Use the story of Nelson Mandela in Unit 2 of People of God Year 8 to help young people reflect on whether one person can change the world. Questions to ponder are in the notes field of slide one.

  • Unit 2 Year 8 Beatitudes illustrated »

    In Unit 2 of Year 8, these illustrations of the Beatitudes can be used either as a PowerPoint reflection or printed out and used in display or group work to encourage pupils to devise their own dramas or illustrations of the Beatitudes.

Unit 3

  • Unit 3 Year 8 Confirmation resources

    Use our Confirmation resources during People of God Year 8 Unit 3, to help pupils explore how the Holy Spirit helps Christians to live out our calling to share our lives with others.

Unit 4

  • Unit 4 Year 8 Rwanda animation

    In Year 8 unit 4 use this animation, created for the anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, to explore the challenge of forgiveness in the most difficult of situations.

Unit 6

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Glossary »

    A glossary for teachers, explaining core religious vocabulary used in People of God Year 8 Unit 6.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Two great commandments 550 KB »

    Starter image with question and background information for teachers to help pupils to recall and explore the two great commandments, love of God and neighbour, in Year 8 unit 6 of People of God.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 How do I decide what is fair? 235 KB »

    An exercise to use in People of God Year 8 Unit 6 to help pupils reflect on what influences their decision-making. 

  • Unit 6 Year 8 CST in 3 minutes

    Fast-paced animation introducing Catholic Social Teaching. Show once, discuss, show again, pausing for discussion as needed. Use in Year 8 unit 6.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Catholic Social Teaching cards

    Order packs of Catholic Social Teaching cards with teacher notes. Includes 17 activities that help pupils learn about Catholic Social Teaching, its basis in scripture, and how it is put into practice.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Catholic Social Teaching cards game

    In this digital game, pupils match key principles of Catholic Social Teaching with their corresponding definitions. Use in Year 8 unit 6 to help embed learning.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 video wall

    Select from young people in the UK, Bolivia, Myanmar and Uganda explaining Solidarity, the Common Good and Participation, as lived in their communities. Use in Year 8 unit 6 when exploring Catholic Social Teaching.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 CST placemat 385 KB »

    Pupils can use this placemat for reference throughout Year 8 unit 6. Alternatively, use with the CAFOD CST card set, available from our online shop. As a starter: Give each pupil a scripture or CST quote card to position on their placemat, display the questions on the board and allow time to write or discuss answers in pairs. 

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Scenarios 100 KB »

    Groups choose a scenario of injustice to discuss and act out, showing their decision on how to respond. Groups should be prepared to justify their choices. Use in Year 8 Unit 6 to help pupils explore whether they act justly.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Matt 25 illustrated 8 MB »

    Use this presentation of Matt 25 in a lesson on 'How can we live justly?' in Year 8 Unit 6 of People of God. Mind-map ways that actions mentioned in this passage combat injustice. Ask pupils to supplement the PowerPoint with examples of people living justly in today's world.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Injustice and Creation 2.45 MB »

    A PowerPoint session for use in Year 8 Unit 6 when exploring how to make the world a more just place. It investigates one key principle of CST – Stewardship of Creation – and some of the injustices that it helps to address.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Investigation record sheet 207 KB »

    Pupils can use this editable framework to record their research into Catholics working for justice locally, nationally and globally. Ask pupils to share their research in pairs then discuss as a class how they might be able to take part in this work.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 Fullness of Life Jn.10:10

    Scroll down our video selection to our "Fullness of Life animation". Use as a final reflection at the end of Year 8 Unit 6, as pupils reflect on how they can serve their neighbours by living more justly.

  • Unit 6 Year 8 People of God quiz

    Use this quiz at the end of Unit 6 of People of God Year 8 as a formative or summative assessment