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GCSE Eduqas

  • Eduqas Spec and CAFOD resources »

    Eduqas Route B specification with a list of CAFOD resources for each section of the specification. More resources will be added in the coming weeks. Sign up for our secondary e-newsletter to be notified when new resources are available.

  • Eduqas: Learning Hub

    STUDENTS!  Send your students to our Learning Hub to find films, games, interactive powerpoints and other resources supporting the GCSE that they can use for homework or private study.

Origins and meaning

Good and evil

  • Good and evil: Stations of the Cross »

    GOOD, EVIL AND SUFFERING: Use our annually updated Stations of the cross in Eduqas Component 1, Theme 2, Good and evil, Practices, when studying pilgrimage and popular devotion.

  • Good and evil: Southwark Romero Cross

    FORMS - SCULPTURE AND STATUARY: Watch this film in AQA, Good and evil, Forms - sculpture and statuary, when studying the meaning and significance of sculpture and statues to Catholic tradition and worship.

  • Good and evil: Southwark Romero Cross »

    FORMS - SCULPTURE AND STATUARY: Pupils can make notes on these images of Southwark Romero Cross while watching our film in AQA, Good and evil, Forms - sculpture and statuary.

Life and death

  • Life and death: CST in 3 minutes

    THE MAGISTERIUM: In Eduqas, Component 2, Theme 3, Life and Death, Sources, Magisterium, use this video to demonstrate some teachings of the Magisterium and how they are lived out.

  • Life and death: CST in 3 Minutes script »

    The script for CST in 3 Minutes as a Word document.

  • Life and death: Our Father film

    PRACTICES: Use this poignant film in Eduqas, Theme 3: Life and death, Practices, when studying the significance of prayer as “the raising of the mind and heart to God”, with particular reference to the Lord’s Prayer.

Sin and forgiveness

  • Sin and Forgiveness: Body of Christ »

    SOURCES: Use these examples from around the world during Eduqas, Theme 4, Sin and Forgiveness, Sources, Church, when studying the meanings and significance of different understandings of the Church as 'Body of Christ' and 'the People of God'.

  • Sin and forgiveness: Canticle of the creatures »

    PRACTICES: Use this PowerPoint to reflect on St Francis of Assisi's 'Canticle of the creatures' in Eduqas, Sin and Forgiveness, Practices, Sacraments, when exploring the Catholic belief in the sacramental nature of the whole of reality.